If your business isn’t growing how you had hoped it would, we have some ideas to help you get on track.

your business isn't growing

Every business needs one thing to survive….customers. Without customers, you have no money, without money, you can’t pay your employees or the operating expenses of the business. Most importantly, without customers, you have no profit. Growing a business is a lot of trial and error. What works for one business, may not work for another. There are so many potential variables depending on your industry and location. These factors alone can make it incredibly difficult to know what to do when your business is not growing. We have put together a list of 5 things you can and should do when your business isn’t growing. 

Assess your current marketing plan and how or if it is helping your business.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t even have a marketing plan or strategy. They get so focused on what they offer that they don’t really put any thought into how potential customers are going to find out about them. If you don’t have a marketing strategy, create one! If you do have one, you should regularly do the following….

Update your website.

Your website is the home base for your business online. It is often the first impression that people get of your business. For this reason, it should be constantly updated with new content to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to also give people a reason for visiting and staying on your website. Your website should clearly communicate what you do as a business and should make it easy for people to take the next step, whether that is making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. 

Run Facebook ads.

Facebook is the largest social media platform and Facebook ads are still a relatively cheap and incredibly effective way of getting in front of a larger audience. 

Post regularly to social media.

Social media gives you a ton of different platforms to connect with your audience on a deeper level which creates a stronger sense of loyalty. 

Lastly, make more videos.

Videos have been proven to increase sales, increase engagement and build trust. If you aren’t regularly using videos as part of your marketing strategy you are missing out on a huge opportunity. 

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